Thursday, November 12, 2009


When you look at a sculpture, you can see both positive and negative space. Positive space is the space taken up by the sculpture itself and the negative space is the space around the sculpture. In Squares With Two Circles, for example, artist Barbara Hepworth made round negative spaces inside a rectangular positive space.

TRY THIS AT HOME: Positive and Negative Snacks
Look in your pantry and refrigerator for examples of positive and negative shapes in food. Then, create a menu that will include both positive and negative shapes on the plate. Foods that might inspire you: macaroni, Swiss cheese, pretzels, bell peppers, pineapples, fruit loops or doughnuts!

VIDEO: Filling the gallery space with sound with David from SMU.


See the rest of the photos here

Creating block sculptures that include positive and negative space.

Examining the positive and negative space in Barbara Hepworth's Squares With Two Circles (Monolith).

Demonstrating open form as seen in Joan MirĂ³'s Moonbird.

Creating a tableau using positive and negative space with Millicent and Patty from SMU.

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